This is a simple tutorial that explains how to create your schedule on Atgenda.

1. Login with your Account

First login with your account.

If you do not have an account yet. You can create your account here!

2. Go to Dashboard

On the top right of the page click on “Dashboard”

3. Go to Products

On the left pane click on “Products”

4. Add New Product

On the top of the page click “Add New” to open the form.

5. Insert a Name for your Schedule

Insert a name of your schedule in the field “Product name”

6. Insert a Description of your Schedule

Insert a description about your schedule that your clients should follow. This description will not be visible on the website, it will only be visible after download.

Create a schedule for a single activity, i.e. if you have multiple activities then create multiple schedules; one schedule for each of the activities.

7. Set the Price

Select the checkboxes of “Virtual” and “Downloadable”, this will make your schedule downloadable.

In the “Regular Price” insert how much your clients have to purchase your schedule. After payment your client will be able to download your schedule.

8. Select Category

Select Category “Atgenda”. This will ensure that the description of your schedule is only visible after payment.

Note: If you want to create a free schedule, then do not check the box “Atgenda”.

9. Short Description

Insert a summary under “Product short description” about your schedule to explain your clients what they are about to purchase. This summary will be visible on the website.